Art At Your Fingertips

Art at Your Fingertips brings affordable visual arts education to our Transition and Elementary classrooms. AAYF’s paramount objective is to help every child feel comfortable using art as a means of expression.

Begun in 1975 by parents dismayed by the loss of school art programs, AAYF sends volunteer docents into public and private classrooms to teach carefully selected projects combining art techniques, art history and aesthetics to more than 7,000 Palos Verdes Peninsula students each year. AAYF seeks to:

  • IMGEnhance each child’s creative and mental growth through meaningful art experiences in a non-judgmental environment.
  • Improve each child’s visual perception and awareness.
  • Make community resources in the arts more available to children.
  • Support the Palos Verdes Art Center and Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District’s arts education plan by providing visual arts experiences aligned with California State Visual and Performing Arts Standards.
  • Provide training to its docents so these volunteers have the tools and knowledge to deliver a quality, grade-appropriate art experience.

Each spring, more than 1,000 pieces of student art from all participating schools and grade levels fill the Art Center exhibition galleries in a month-long exhibition.

Workshop Date Art Program
Day Time Room
Thursday 9:00 Rooms 115/116
Thursday 10:45 Room 117
Thursday 1:15 Room 118
Friday 9:00 Room 113
Friday 10:45 Room 111


There are 5 AAYF projects each year. They will be administered to each classroom on selected dates per the schedule at the bottom of this page.

Lucila Bakhshi
Art At Your Fingertips
2023-2024 Program Chair

Art At Your Fingertips is a program available to all of our Transition and Elementary students. We encourage parents to participate as Docents and/or Helping Hands if they are able.