Comments & Feedback From Our Alumni

Peninsula Montessori's Alumni graduate ready to begin defining and pursuing their ambitions, first at strong secondary schools and later at leading universities. They have developed the personal, social and academic skills to gracefully and happily succeed in today's world. Here are some reflections from recent alumni and their parents.

"With the individual work plans, I learned about time management, independence, and self-reliance. I developed an intrinsic motivation to learn. With the emphasis on cooperation, I learned how to problem solve with my peers."

Graduated UC Santa Cruz with Honors in Psychology.

Our daughter developed "disciplined study habits" and the "ability to complete homework and projects. It was a time of contentment and happiness. She never said she did not want to go to school!"

Parent FeedbackBishop Montgomery High School.[2002]

Peninsula Montessori instilled my daughter with ... "manners, love of learning, etiquette, comfort around adults, social skills, kindness and appreciation of things" ... "
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Peninsula Montessori.

Parent Feedback
Palos Verdes High School.

"The academic preparation and social skills that our son assembled while attending Peninsula Montessori allowed him to assimilate into a traditional school environment without concern. The homework expectation at Peninsula Montessori was consistent with what is now expected from a middle school curriculum."

Parent Feedback
Rolling Hills Country Day School.

"Peninsula Montessori has given me the foundation of a lifetime. The environment in the classroom is very respectful. Peninsula Montessori has taught me life skills I still use!"

Rolling Hills Prep Student

She learned to be "very well prepared both socially and academically as well as independent, self-motivated and self-confident." She was ... "ahead in all areas of the curriculum."

Parent Feedback
UCLA School of Engineering

Our Montessori grads can be found at several of the nation's top schools.