International Festival

Each year, Peninsula Montessori School enjoys a school-wide celebration of countries from around the world. Students from every program level (except toddler) immerse themselves in the culture, art, culinary, and geographic study of a specific country. The program culminates with class tours and live, on-stage performances with each classroom sharing a local dance or choreographed interpretation of some kind.

International Festival presents parents and families a great opportunity to get involved with their children in the class through the coordination and administration of the many cultural project lessons being shared.


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The students enjoy a variety of projects to advance the study of their International Festival country. The International Festival curricula is designed to integrate all different learning styles to afford students the best opportunity to retain and integrate the lessons.

The lessons range from academic study to kinesthetic performance. The program is an excellent example of whole-brain study.

  • Geographic study
  • Culinary study
  • Art study
  • Music study
  • Local traditions
  • Cultural norms
  • Indigenous species
  • Historical events
  • and more...

Each classroom's assigned country is taught to the students over the course of several months culminating in "class museum tours" and the live performance for family and friends. 

Peninsula Montessori's annual International Festival is a tradition that students recall fondly and talk about well into their adult years.