Redondo Beach Montessori Parents Association (MPA)

Welcome to the Redondo Beach Montessori Parents Association (MPA)! In addition to joining the phenomenal school community here at Peninsula Montessori, you have also gained membership to one of the most productive, entertaining, and welcoming groups in the South Bay, the Montessori Parents Association. Each and every parent is an automatic member of the MPA, and as such, we are here to serve you, listen to your thoughts and suggestions, and herein provide the most exceptional school environment possible for our children.

The MPA’s guiding principles are to enrich our children’s educational experience by

  1. providing an accessible platform for parent involvement
  2. fundraising to sponsor school events, assemblies and field trips, and
  3. being ambassadors for the school in the wider community.

It is through the extraordinary efforts of you, the parents, in conjunction with your MPA, that our school successfully creates such a vast array of enrichment opportunities for our children each year. Please use the links on the left to learn how you can join us in continuing this legacy!